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This is a movie about fantasies and dreams of a somewhat retarded young man about his future bride. He daydreams and talks to a manikin, which is dressed by bride gown as a window display.
Reza's daydreaming is so real in his mind that continously he hours and days thinking and acting on his dream. in this sweetness and simplicity he confuses all women involved about his intentions for marriage.


Script writer & Director: Hamid Jebelli
Director of photography: Tooraj Aslani
Editor: Jila Epakchi
Sound: Parviz Abnar
Music: Parviz Arjmand
Set Design: Iraj Tahmasb
Still Photography: Nader Pirzadeh

by Manijeh Motaghy, California

Certainly a dream world! The astonishing directing and performance of Hamid Jebelli reminds us of Forest Gump and Tom Hanks performance.
While all daydream about our desires and wishes we may simply forget the next day. This semi-retarded young man reaches for the best.
He wants the most beautiful woman, one who compare with his love, the manikin. He actually lives his dream although unorthodox for the woman of such high standards to agree to marry an undeveloped man.
this is a movie, which is absolutely eligible for best-actor and best-director awards !

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