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Several centuries of development elevated music to an academic field. Noticing the relation between music and the growth of culture, we realize that academic methods became instrumental for approaching what I like to call the 'unknown element' in art. Other terms may be used instead of 'unknown element', for example 'truth', which was in fact the ultimate goal of art for some twentieth century philosophers. Hafiz and Rumi used other terms for this purpose. I personally prefer to use the phrase 'unknown element'.

I deeply believe one should search a lot for the truth which lies on the border between 'specified' and 'unspecified'. This is exactly like distinguishing between 'perfection' and 'imperfection'. What is the difference between them The fuzzy border that seperates 'truth' from 'untruth' is another example of this. What lies beyond Harmony, Counterpoint, Serial etc. which are studied to learn composition ?It is what I call the 'unknown element'. What is the link between knowledge and the 'unknown element' That is what I call inspiration. So inspiration is the lost link that connects artists to the 'other side' or 'what is beyond knowledge'.