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3rd Iranian Mine Engineering Students Conference
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Tehran Polytechnic University
Mining Engineering Department

The Department of Mining and Metallurgical Engineering is noted for its unique educational structure which accommodates on the mining and metallurgy specialists in one department . It has an excellent new departmental site with 8000 square meters of educational and laboratory area . Close links are maintained with industry and the Ministry of Mines and Metals. The relationship between microstructure and properties underlies much of the research work and the Department has a scanning electron microscope and X-ray diffraction equipment . The mining division has extensive laboratories which include: Geochemistry; mineralogy; mineral processing; floatation; rock mechanics;computing and plotting facilities .

Recent research activities are:
  • Analysis of compressed air distribution system mines .
  • Investigation and production of mixed ferrites and rare earth ferrites.
  • Rock flow and dram control in caving systems .
The laboratories of the metallurgical engineering division include :
Mine Engineering Department - laboratories
  • Extractive metallurgy
  • powder processing
  • heat treatment
  • metal forming
  • metallography and workshops

Mine Engineering Department - laboratories The metallurgical engineering division is able to supervise research over a wide range of topics.

The main research interests are :
  • Fracture in engineering components
  • Thin films
  • Production of metal powders by REP and electrolysis
  • Non-metallic coating for aggressive environments

The Departmental library has more than 6000 books, 12 journal articles and 80 theses.

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