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The Icepack chain store was, by the grace of God, established in Iran and went through many hardships in a short time. Bearing in mind the high demand for employment and the need for creating jobs to prevent unemployment, poverty, and other social problems, I decided to take action in this regard for my beloved country and take a small step in solving the social and economical problems. Meanwhile I hope this chain store enters the global competition as the first professional Iranian chain store in the field of food products. Today there is intense competition in exports and thus, many powerful countries of the world have facilitated their exports by the use of very strong chain stores. In other words, instead of exporting their products, they export their chain stores and thereby all their products. Iran had not used this method before but by the grace of God she was able to compete and export Iranian products through a strong chain.

What is IcePack chain store?

It is a completely Iranian chain store which sells all food products prepared according to the latest hygienic methods of the world.

Why the name IcePack?

That is because from the beginning it was aimed to be exported. As in international exports there is need to a good international name, so it was decided from the beginning to choose an international name which would be suitable for export purposes.

Past Situation

In the beginning IcePack project was started with a shop in Niavaran. Due to high quality of the products, new flavors, and creativity, the system was soon popular with people from all walks of life.

Current Situation

The complex, by the grace of God, has been able to set up 130 stores in less that two years (720 days) inside and outside Iran (118 branches in Iran, 4 branches in Emirates, and 8 branches in India, Malaysia, Thailand, Singapore, Venezuela, Syria, England, and Kuwait), thereby creating over 1700 direct and over 5000 indirect job opportunities.

Future Situation


Entrepreneurship and creating job opportunities
Innovation and diversity of products in accordance with the needs of the society and the world
Export promotion and bringing in more exchange
Investment inside the country from the export revenue
Increasing national pride and competing with other countries in food products.
Speed in creating job opportunities – IcePack has demonstrated its ability in this regard within a short time.


Considering the prevalent problems in the fields of economy and management and other marginal problems in the way of economic development, and considering elevated objectives of IcePack, I would ask all executive managers of the country to provide the system with any necessary cooperation and guidance so that we could achieve more success for our beloved country.

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