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TagBox is a tag editing plug-in I wrote for the excellent foobar2000 music player. It lets you quickly modify the meta data of music files (title, artist name, album name, etc...) through a UI element which you can place anywhere in your foobar2000 interface layout.


Download the dll file at the bottom of this page. copy it to components folder in your foobar2000 installation directory. Run foobar2000 go to View > Layout and Enable layout editing mode or Create Scratchbox to place TagBox element somewhere in your layout.

[Element Screenshot]

Using TagBox

TagBox interface has some special behavior:

  • All fields accept ; separated multiple values.
  • If there is only one track selected pressing the Up/Page Up and Down/Page Down* keys when editing a field moves the selection to the previous/next track in playlist and selects all the text in that field.
  • Pressing Enter applies the changes.
  • Pressing Ctrl+Enter, Ctrl+Down* or Ctrl+Page Down* when only one track is selected applies the change and moves the selection to next track in play list.
  • In the drop-down list you can also find tag specific functions like "Correct Capitalization" or "Auto Track Number" etc...
  • Global operations like "filename -> tag" are accessible through the tools menu .

* In the preferences page you can choose whether Down key opens the drop-down menu and Page Down key moves the selection down or vice versa.

Configuring TagBox

To configure TagBox's standalone window go to Preferences > Tools > Tagging > TagBox. To configure a TagBox UI Element click the tools button and select "Configuration".

I think it's clear how to use the configuration page, just a few notes:

  • Predefined values are ; separated.
  • if you check "immediately apply" the change caused by using a predefined value is immediately applied to the file.

[Preferences Screenshot]

Suggestions, Bug Reports?

For now post them to the TagBox thread on Hydrogenaudio forum.


Zip file containing foo_tagbox.dll version 0.212 - 220KB

Change History

Version 0.212

  • Minor bug fix.

Version 0.211

  • A blind attempt to fix the bug causing crash on some machines. I still have not been able to reproduce the crash on my own machine, if you experience a crash involving TagBox please report what exactly you did that caused the crash.

Version 0.210

  • Append, front-insert and checkbox operations now work on individual tracks instead of the text in the edit box.
  • Type-ahead navigation through drop-down list items.
  • Bug Fix: Stopped "Sample component: on_init()" message being written to the log file on startup.

Version 0.208

  • Bug Fix: Crash when clearing a tag (Windows XP only).
  • Bug Fix: drop-down list wouldn't close if you click outside foobar2000 window (after 0.207 update).

Version 0.207

  • "Done" button in the drop-down list with CheckBoxes to close the list (and apply changes to the file if "Immediately Apply" is on).
  • Action of the enter key in the drop-down list with checkboxes has changed, does what the "Done" button does.
  • "Reset" menu item for each tag to revert back to original (does what escape key does).
  • Fixed TAB key not working in the standalone window.
  • TAB navigation works properly in config page.
  • TagBox used to suggest a word even if you entered it completely, this is fixed now.
  • Other minor changes.

Version 0.205

  • TagBox window updates itself if any of the files in current selection change.
  • Options in preferences page to let you "always start the standalone window with selection locked" and to "switch Down/PgDn key actions".
  • Option in element configuration to "Release the selection lock after apply changes clicked".
  • Now the element configuration window scrolls properly with mouse wheel and deleting an item doesn't scroll to the top.
  • Fixed some bugs causing crashes.
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes.

Version 0.200

  • Complete redesign of the interface.
  • Auto suggestion and drop-down list values are now combined.
  • You can now select "values currently in database" as well as "predefined values" for the drop-down list.
  • "CheckBox" behavior which adds checkboxes to drop-down list values.
  • A lock button to lock the selection whenever needed.
  • The down arrow key opens the drop-down menu instead of moving the selection down.
  • PgUp/PgDown move the selection up and down to compensate for the above change.
  • Auto suggestion now works properly when entering multiple values.
  • TagBox group in context-menu becomes a single item.
  • There is no right click menu any more, tag specific options move to the drop-down list and global options move to the tools button menu.
  • Redesign of the config page.
  • "Clear" option in drop-down menu of each tag.
  • Improved filename -> tag algorithm.

Version 0.172

  • Bug Fix: "immediately apply" didn't work when using replace function for predefined values.

Version 0.171

  • TagBox tries to choose a better font for the standalone window (this should improve the visuals specially in Vista/7).
  • Other minor changes and bug fixes.

Version 0.170

  • Capitalization Correction: The difference between this and the "capitalize" function in foobar2000's properties window is that TagBox tries to follow the rules like "don't capitialize prepositions (4 letters or less) unless they are the first or last words", etc...
  • Get tags from filename.
  • Functions that modify tags like the "Correct Capitalization" or "Auto Track Number" are now accessible through tag labels' right click menu.
  • Changes made by above functions are no longer immediately applied to file, you need to click the "Apply Changes" button.
  • Solved the conflict with keyboard shortcuts without modifiers.
  • Standalone window's width is also remembered along with position.
  • Bug Fix: When the Standalone window was resized contents were not resized.

Version 0.150

  • Standalone TagBox window accessible through context menu.
  • Auto Complete.
  • UI element configuration becomes per-instance. From now on settings in preferences page only affects the stand alone window.
  • Again some color changes.
  • Bug Fix: You couldn't type # in edit boxes.

Version 0.110

  • Many visual improvements to make TagBox better blend in visually with other parts of foobar2000.
  • Edit boxes' height is now adjusted based on the font used.
  • Labels' width is automatically set based on the length of the text.
  • Some minor bug fixes.

Version 0.101

  • Bug Fix: debug popup message showing up in Windows 7 when ctrl or shift are pressed.
  • Bug Fix: edit boxes were not properly right aligned.

Version 0.100

  • Initial Release