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Pipe Pressure Loss Calculator

Flow of fluid in pipe causes decrease in fluid's energy level aka head loss, this is due to friction caused in between the fluid and inner surface of the pipe. This energy level decrease shows up as pressure loss in fluid. beside friction there are other causes for loss too but the major cause remains the friction.

There are many methods for computing pressure loss caused by friction including Formulas, Equations, Charts and Tables. Input parameters of these method are mostly the same and by having some certain properties of fluid and pipe we can use any of these methods to compute head loss. Results of different methods are sometimes very close and sometimes very distant] for different input parameters.

Pipe Pressure Loss Calculator computes the head loss using all these methods and shows the results in a list, calculates the average and standard deviation of the results and calculates statistical average after removing results that their distance from the average is more than standard deviation.


Download Pipe Pressure Loss Calculator.

For Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

Zip File - 119KB