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Computer programming has been my passion since I was a little kid interestingly it still is! I have worked with various languages and technologies during these years including C, JAVA/J2EE/JSP, ASP, Perl, Pascal, bunch of software specific scripting languages and I currently actively program in C++, C#, PHP, SQL and Javascript.

TraceWatch Web Stats

TraceWatch is a website statistics and traffic analysis application I wrote some years ago and maintained until now.

It started as a small personal project. My initial intention was to write a small server-side script in PHP language to track visitors because none of the available free packages were meeting my needs.

Now it has turned into a full featured stats application, is translated to many languages, it has a rather large user base and still gets a lot of good reviews around the web encouraging me to keep it alive.


TagBox is a tag editing plug-in I wrote for the excellent foobar2000 music player. It lets you quickly modify the meta data of music files (title, artist name, album name, etc...) through a UI element which you can place anywhere in your foobar2000 interface layout.

Pipe Pressure Loss Calculator

Pipe Pressure Loss Calculator is an Engineering/Scientific software I wrote in C++ It computes head loss caused by friction when a fluid flows in a pipe using all methods available. You can download and use it for free.