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This is Arash Dejkam's personal website. It is supposed to be a portal to things related to me on the web. It also hosts my music library, photography works and free software.

Music Library

As my music library started to grow rather large I realized I should start rating my music as a means to reach good music that would otherwise be burried and forgotten in the library.

After a while I decided to write a program to do some statistical work on my ratings to figure out things like "the album with highest average rating" or "the best music tracks of a certain decade". Then I thought with a little effort I can make the interface web based and make it public. Well! here is the preliminary result.


Every once in a while I go out and shoot some photos. Some people say the results are interesting so I'm publishing them here! Don't expect this section to be updated regularly as most of the time my camera is gathering dust on the shelf, I do photography when I feel like it and that doesn't happen very often.


Computer programming has been my passion since I was a little kid interestingly it still is!

In this section I try to introduce things I have to offer in this field, the ones that can be offered here.

Web Design

Web design is not my favorite thing to do but I have designed many websites in the past 10-15 years for different reasons. In this section you find a partial list of websites designed by me. This is not even a portfolio as most of the works are very old and some of them look rather funny to me now that I look at them. I'll maintain this list anyway to keep track of what I have done.

Samples of websites designed by me

Bytesmith - Bajtoklepac

Many thanks to Bytesmith and Davorin Rusevljan for sponsoring the hosting of